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John Wilson


Welcome to my homepage. Some of the proudest moments in my career are represented in my leadership of the Task Force To End Homelessness. Despite all of the hard work of Task Force members over the years there is still much work to be done. Toward that end it is my hope that one day all who inhabit this earth will one day have a domicile they are proud to call home.

I am now retired and looking forward to writing a book. If you are viewing this page and spent any time with the Task Force please complete our testimonial form. The responses will hopefully play a role in certain excerpts of the book. Your participation will be greatly appreciated.

Many of the Task Force members have assembled on several ocassion's this year (2013) and in May we met with Dr Jim O'Connell of Boston Health Care For The Homeless. It was a great experience to reconnect with him and look at what things we might work together on in the future.

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