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Task Force to End Homelessness Staff and Structure

The T.F.T.E.H. is an adhoc committee of the Boston Society of Architects. The T.F.T.E.H. was founded, and is chaired by John Wilson and Nancy Sullivan. John Wilson is an established architect and Nancy comes from a marketing background. Both individuals started the task force with the notion that while prestigious clientele was able to draw upon Boston's design community for their skills and talents, there was an equally deserving and desperately needful client base within the city that was not able to use the city's design resources. This was the city's homeless population, and the people and organizations that represent and work to combat homelessness. With the desire to partner the Boston design community with non-profit and for profit organizations with an out-reach agenda in regards to the homelessness, John and Nancy have gathered a loosely organized circle of architects, designers, contractors, renderers, activists, and others to lend a hand. Projects are dealt with in a pro-bono manner, which is how many of these clients are able to work with people from leading Boston design firms and the building industry.

Task Force to End Homelessness Completed Projects

The T.F.T.E.H has an impressive list of completed projects, which have been made possible by the partnering up of sponsors with a vision and need, and volunteers from the Boston design community. The following list displays projects and the related partnerships that made them possible.

Women's Inc.




All Night Drop in Center Boston Permanent location for center John Wilson, Payette Associates
Archdiocese Jamaica Plain facility for AIDS patients John Merkler
Cambridge Seven Archdiocese Dorchester,  6 family house conversion John Merkler
Cambridge Seven Bay Bank Nighttime drop-in center in Church of All Nations Erich Griebling
TRO Boston Can Identifying site for redemption center

John Wilson, Payette Associates

Dan Arons, Payette Associates

Boston Food Bank Renovation and expansion Josh Barnett, Adaptive Environments
Boston Healthcare for the Homeless Conversion of nursing home in Franklin Park into Susie Rogers, Rogers and Hines Respite center. Site and landscaping Sarah Hines, Rogers and Hines Antonia Bellata-Osborne, Payette Associates
Bread and Jams Structural remodeling of church owned house in Michael Joliffe, Zaldastani Associates
North Cambridge Bridge Over Troubled Waters Space planning of three floors in downtown Boston Michael McHugh, Modiglani-Noyes Office building Josh Barnett, Adaptive Environments
Donna Keefe Brockton Community Health Center Doubling in size of a health center Steve Ng, Sheply Bullfinch  Joe Birkofer
Bromfield-Johnson Social Service Agency

Church basement renovated for child-care needs

And meals for homeless

Hege Eilertson, Jones Payne Arch. & Planners
Carita Communities Kitchen addition to group home
Center for Addictive Behaviors Lynn

Short/ Medium stay residential/ treatment

Counseling for drug and alcohol rehabilitation

Michael McHugh, Modigliani-Noyes

Josh Barnette, Adaptive Environments Andrea Morton

Chelsea Battered Women's Shelter Adaptive reuse of storefront Sheply Bullfinch
City of Boston Public Welfare Boathouse conversion into family housing Sybill Fickett-Jones, Payette Associates
Cape Veridean Community Arlen Li, Payette Associates
Crossroads family shelter, Lynn  Interior renovation David Schnee, Bruner-Cott Associates
Fenway CDC Building Evaluation Susie Rogers, Rogers-Hines
Greater Boston CDC Boarding house evaluation Neil Cahalane
Ellenweig-Moore Haitian Multi-Service Center Increase Space Scott Richardson, Gorman Richardson
Haitian Refugee Center Day-care area expansion Scott Richardson, Gorman Richardson
Haley House  SRO in conjuction with soup kitchen Brigig William, Hockox & Williams Arch
The Hidebrand Center Cambridge Transitional housing Eric Amondson
 John Leary House Single family housing Conrad Heider
Lemuel Shattuck Hospital AIDS patient floor Paul Fallon, Shepley Bullfinch, Richardson
Lifehouse New housing for six families Susan Ickes Crissman Solomon
Lynn Shelter Association Evaluated existing building and new site Tim Smith, MIT arch. Student Brigid Williams, Hickox Williams Arch
Massachusetts Avenue Baptist Church Renovate soup kitchen Phil Rizzo Cambridge Richard Verrill, Crabtree & McGrath
MHASA Mass Coalition for the Homeless

Interfaith Memorial Service for the Homeless

Who have died in Massachusetts

Hege Eilertson, Jones Payne Arch. & Planners

John Wilson, Payette Associates

Newton Community Development Foundation Building Affordable housing in vacant branch of library John Wilson, Payette Associates
North Attelboro Family Shelter Adaptive reuse of donated building Susie Rogers, Rogers & Hines
North Shore Shelter Shelter for substance abusers Brigid Williams, Hickox Williams Arch
NUVA, Gloucester Transitional housing, shelter, and restaurant Brigid Williams, Hickox Williams Arch
On Our Way, Inc., Quincy  Brochure for house for independent multi-handicaped adults Ralph Fleishman Renderer
On the Rise Drop in center for homeless women living on the streets of Cambridge
Open Pantry Community Services Architectural services Scott Richardson, Gorman Richardson
Operation Food Inc Transitional housing for pregnant women & Renovated garage Peter Burns
Operation Food Inc Transitional housing for pregnant women Floor plan of house Patrick Shultz
Pilgrim Congregational Church Family shelter in church, property survey for zoning Jack Bryant, Bryant Associates (surveyor)
Rev. Venetor approval
Plymouth Coalition for the Homeless New housing for eight families Daphne Petri, Daphne Petri & Associates
Project Hope Family Shelter renovation Erica Steenstra, Payette Associates
Project Hope Renovation for employee quarters Josh Barnett, Adaptive Environments Michael McHugh, Modigliani-Noyes
Revision House and Urban Farm Commercial Kitchen Colburn & Guyette Consulting Partners
Roxbury CDC Housing/Retail on empty site Wendy Edwards, Payette Associates Dennis McCarthy, BAC student
Roxbury Garage Garage for nuns who work with Mother Teresa Susie Rogers, Rogers & Hines
Roxbury Multi-Service Center Space planning and remodeling Mike McHugh, E. Verner Johnson
Second Step, Newton Adaptive reuse of a convent  Josh Barnett, TAMS  Michael McHugh, Modigliani-Noyes
Shawmut Education  Profit space for computer training Symmes Maini McKee Associates
Shelter Inc Site evaluation Peter Cook, Payette Associates
Shelter Inc Transitional Housing Beth Coconis Tim McHale, McHale Associates
Sister of St. Ambrose Convent Transitional housing Mike Leavitt, Payette Associates Rafael Mendez-Aponte
Sojourner House Transitional housing Mike Leavitt, Payette Associates Rafael Mendez-Aponte
St, Andrew's Relocation/renovation for family shelter  Josh Barnett, Adaptive Environments
St. Paul AME Low income housing Susie Rogers, Rogers & Hines Associates
Temporary Home for Women and Children .Renovation for shelter Daphne Petri, Daphne Petri & Associates
Transition House Renovation for battered women's shelter Frances Andrews, Watermulder, Andrew's Arch
Travelers Aid Transitional Housing Eric Amondson
United South End Settlements House in the South End for conversion Norm Goulet, Payette Associates Miles Hyman, Payette Associates
United South End Settlements House in the South End for conversion John Merkler, Cambridge Seven
United South End Settlements House in the South End for conversion Kitty Ryan, Alternatives in Architecture
University Lutheran Church, Cambridge Soup kitchen
Women's Inc. Reviewing options for a new facility Scott Richardson, Gorman Richardson
Women's Institute Transitional housing Neal Mongold
Youth Build Renovation of former crack house on Dudley Street  Josh Barnett, Adaptive Environments Michael McHugh, Modigliani-Noyes
Youth Build and Dudley Street Additional reuse of form factory for DSNI Neighborhood Initiative headquarters and charter school Henry Chao, Payette Associates Chartwell

 Along with these projects, the T.F.T.E.H. has compiled two booklets to aid the public in helping out in the effort to combat homelessness. These are the Guide to Donating and Volunteering in Boston Area Shelters and Food Services Programs and Meeting the Challenge A guide to non-profit developers/A directory of donated professional services